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Alliance Roofing is a certified commercial roofing company in Fort Worth, TX for 25 years.

Alliance roofing is certified in all types of commercial roofing  with warranties we stand behind.

Alliance  Roofing Provides Repair and all New Commercial and residential roofing systems including single-ply and multi- ply (TPO) thermal Poly olefin, (PVC), (EPDM) rubber, (BUR) built –up Hot asphalt, Metal, APP and SBS modified Bitumen roofing systems. Life expectancy and warranties varies on useful service life requirements. Maintenance schedules along with projected repair and or replacement analysis are provided on all new roofing systems. Photo voltaic high-Energy efficiency and green roofing systems providing superior energy efficiency are available. Reinforce Acrylic Elastomeric low slope roofing systems have become the preferred product for green applications.

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These materials consist of (TPO) thermoplastic polyolefin, (PVC) polyvinyl chloride, (EPDM) rubber and reinforced acrylic elastomeric. A low initial expenditure and cost per year of annual useful service life offer an alternative the high cost of new construction.

Warrantable useful service life expectancy is typically 10- 20 years. These roofing systems require annual periodic inspections and maintenance in one to three year intervals.

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Our modified bitumen membranes offer great flexibility, impact resistance, strength and system compatibility. Base and cap sheets that can be hot asphalt applied, torch applied, or cold process applied. commercial roofer flat roofer roofing Fort Worth Dallas Houston roof repair.

Here at the Alliance Roofing we are certified in all types of flat roof we install and repair T.P.O. An excellent, yet cost-effective membrane suitable for all types of single-ply systems with guarantees up to 30 years. Commercial roofer. Commercial roofer in Dallas in Dallas Alliance Roofing Remodeling and New Construction in Fort Worth Commercial roofing contractor in Dallas roofing companies flat roofer in Fort Worth Commercial roofer in Fort Worth Houston roof repair.

A reliable and versatile membrane suitable for all types of single-ply systems with guarantees up to 25 years PVC has excellent flexibility. It also chemicals, tears, and punctures. That along with heat-welded seams, a white reflective color. Fort Worth Dallas commercial roofer flat roofer roofing Houston roof repair.

Why are more customers choosing metal roofing over traditional roofing types? Because our metal roofs are more durable, easier to maintain and can save you money on energy costs. and insurance. Perhaps the biggest reason is the incomparable beauty of a metal roof. You can choose from a wide a variety of vibrant colors, sleek panel profiles commercial roofer flat roofer roof repair Fort Worth Dallas Houston.

High Performance: Designed which reduces the use of natural resources while providing excellent protection for your home. Looks Great: Color Lock™ Ceramic Firing (granules) helps maintain the true shingle color. StainGuard® Protection: Helps ensure the beauty of your roof against unsightly blue-green algae. 1 Highest Roofing Fire Rating: UL Class A, listed to ANSI/UL 790Stays In Place: Passes the industry’s two toughest wind tests: ASTM’s 110 mph and 150 mph wind tests (under controlled laboratory conditions). 2 Excellent Performance: Micro Weave™ Core offers a strong foundation that helps resist cracking and splitting. Ultimate Peace of Mind: 25-year ltd. Warranty and available with lifetime warranties. Commercial roofer flat roofer and roof repair in Fort Worth, Dallas ,Houston Texas and New Orleans, LA.

Reliable roofing solutions that install without the need for tear-offs or new insulation Unisil Roof Coating is designed for protecting a wide range of substrates from the effects of moisture, intrusion, and weathering. Unisil Roof Coating is particularly effective as a protective coating over SPF insulated concrete, metal, plywood, and ambient and hot tanks. Unisil HS Roof Coating provides superior weatherproofing, ultraviolet resistance, and biological resistance over polyurethane foam insulation and other appropriate substrates. Its pure silicone polymers are naturally fire resistant.

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