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ROOFING CONTRACTOR DISCUSSES IMPORTANCE OF ROOF LEAK REPAIRRoof deterioration affects all properties and buildings in one way or another, especially if there’s foot traffic or when the roof’s age is starting to show. The risk of having a leak goes up come winter time due to heavy snow or rain.Businesses often forget the importance of maintaining a properly functioning roof. Sometimes the funds get channeled off to more important matters. Owners assume that a leaking roof doesn’t affect bottom line at all, but you’d be surprised. Alliance Roofing explains how roof leaks can cost you dearly in the following ways:1. Bigger Replacement Bill. A leak can cause significant damage long-term and shorten your roofing system’s lifespan, which leads to premature roof replacement.2. Damaged Roof Deck. Leaks can trickle down and cause roof deck deterioration. This compromises workplace safety and you’ll have to pay for a new deck replacement.3. Downtime. Roof leaks can cause emergencies and disruption for your business, leading to less productivity and lost profits.4. Interior Damage. All those moisture and water could potentially damage business equipment, office furniture, computers, ceilings and carpets. You’ll also have to pay for repainting and hire cleaning services to mop up the leaky mess.5. Bad Business Image. The sight of makeshift coverings for leaks and closing off areas because of a roofing issue gives the impression of an unclean environment. Negative customer perception equals lost business.6. Putting Off Roof Replacements. Property owners may think that a repair is cheaper than a whole roof replacement, but the small costs add up and lead to more expenses in the long run.7. Higher Cooling and Heating Cost. The water from leaks get trapped within the roofing system. Over time, they lower the R-value of your property’s insulation, which means your HVAC won’t be as efficient.

Roof Repair or Replacement?

Wondering when the best time is for considering roof replacement instead of roofing repairs? Think about your roof’s age. If it’s about 20 to 25 years old, then it may be time to schedule a roofing replacement with Alliance Roofing.A good roofing company can look your roof over and determine your system’s age and if it’s nearing end life. If the commercial roofing contractoris saying that you should continue with repairs when the layer underneath the top layer looks old, damaged and excessively wet, then it’s a sign that you should hire a different contractor for the job. If the annual maintenance costs exceed that of a new roof, then you should opt for a re-roofing.Don’t allow a leaky roof to affect your business productivity and bottom line. Call a professional Bay Area roofer to have it fixed immediately.


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