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We are a certified commercial roofing company in Fort Worth, TX.

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Residential roofing, remodeling and construction

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Flat roofing done right. Flat roofer in Ft Worth, TX.

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Built up roofing, EPDM, PVC, TPO, metal roofing and flashing.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofer in Fort Worth. Tile roofer in Dallas.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing in Fort Worth metal roofing contractor Dallas Texas


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For over decades, we have been installing a wide variety of high-performing residential & commercial roofing products that exceed customer expectations. People trust Alliance Roofing to protect what matters most in their daily lives.

We have been rated #1 in quality by Home Builders for 10 out of the last 12 years. Roofer Contractor in Dallas. roofing contractor roofing companies Fort Worth Houston.


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Experience, integrity, and expertise are the elements that set Alliance Roofing apart from its competitors.
Contractors, property owners, and property managers have praised us for our continual service, construction expertise, and immediate response.

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    What Our People’s Say About Company

    We recently had some pretty bad storms here.

    Hail and wind damage, the other roofing companies were telling me it would be almost a month before they could even come by to give me an estimate on my roof, and a friend told me about Alliance Roofing and Remodeling Co. I am so glad he did. I called and spoke with one of the salesmen and told him about my situation, and shortly after they came by to give me an estimate on my roof. They handled all the paperwork for the Insurance company. I did not have to do a thing. I just signed and picked out the color of my new roof. and a few days later I had my new roof on and it looks great. Thank you, guys. I would highly recommend Alliance Roofing and Remodeling.

    Linda Martinez

    Roofing contractor roofer in Fort Worth Dallas Houston

    We have always heard of Alliance Roofing's great reputation.

    We decided to give them a try, and boy was I glad that we did! I have never had to worry about the structural integrity of our premises since...even during rainy season!

    Ted Cobb

    Roofer in fort worth roofing contractor roofing companies Dallas Houston

    I thought that our building would be too large for a reasonably priced roofing company.

    Alliance Roofing proved me wrong. Our building looks amazing.

    Mel Jones

    Roofer in Fort Worth roofing contractor roofing companies Dallas Houston

    When we moved into our new home, we learned that we needed a new roof. 

    The last thing we needed was the cost involved in building a new roof. We were pleasantly surprised with how easy and affordable Alliance Roofing made it! They even hauled all of their debris! We are glad we found Alliance Roofing!

    Mary and Bill Johnson

    Roofer in Fort Worth roofing contractor roofing companies Dallas Houston